Can I book an appointment with a specialist?
Yes. Simply enter your details in our Contact us enquiry form, and one of our specialists will call you back to set up an appointment at a time that suits you.

How are you different to a mortgage broker?
We are more specialised, we originate loans from large banks, second tier lenders, institutions & private funders.

Post-GFC the rules seem to have changed to favour the lenders
We understand these changes and we can put together the strategies that can mitigate the negatives of a lenders credit department.

What are the fees?
  • Engagement fee: Applies to all loans, depends on size of loan
  • Establishment fee: depends on which lender is most suitable for you
  • Origination Fee: Usually 1% plus GST.
  • Valuation Fee: will be quoted as different for each security
  • Legal Fees: depends on lender 

Is the rate fixed for the term of the loan?

Are your terms flexible?
Yes. From 3 months to 30 years

How long to provide me a quote for my loan?
2 to 48 hours.

What documents do I need to apply?
  • Details of your Assets & Liabilities 
  • Employment Details 
  • Amount you want to borrow 
  • Personal Details - including address, contact details, ID etc. 
  • Details of the security property 

Do you always need my Financials?
If we use a major or 2nd tier lender & it is a Full-Doc loan, you will need your last two tax returns/financial statements PLUS your last two tax assessment notices. If we are using a Lo-doc Lender, it can be as little as a self-certification of income and an Accountants Letter.

How can I get a quicker quote for my loan?
If you can provide a summary of the transaction this assists us to understand the scenario & our lenders will react faster too

Can I call you now?
Yes you can, as long as it is normal business hours


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Quick Contact Details
  • John Rogers
  • Ph: 0412 511 380
  • Fx: 02 8004 8117
  • Em: john@commercialfinanceloans.com.au

Thanks so much, the bank said no, but you got the funding approved, couldn't be happier

-name withheld