Who is eligible?


Who is eligible?

We mostly work with referrers - Accountants, Financial Planners & Brokers who refer their clients to us, though we are always happy when a client comes directly to us by being referred by friends.

We assist the referrer with tricky residential loans & with all the commercial loans & development/construction loans

Happy for you to call me anytime or to send me your scenario, so we can discuss the deal

The client remains yours, I arrange the finance & you are paid commission, this way you get the finance for your client, we split the workload & everyone is happy


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Quick Contact Details
  • John Rogers
  • Ph: 0412 511 380
  • Fx: 02 8004 8117
  • Em: john@commercialfinanceloans.com.au

Thanks so much, the bank said no, but you got the funding approved, couldn't be happier

-name withheld